Current stable release (Fine-2)

Appliance Format Size
Docker (tag fine-2) docker 0.7 GB
Amazon AWS EC2 ec2 4.0 GB
Google Cloud Platform gce 1.2 GB
Microsoft Azure azure 4.0 GB
Microsoft SCVMM hyperv 4.0 GB
OpenStack openstack 1.5 GB
oVirt ovirt 1.3 GB
QEmu/KVM openstack 1.5 GB
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization ovirt 1.3 GB
VMware vSphere vsphere 1.3 GB
Vagrant vagrant 1.3 GB

Nightly (developers only)

Warning: things may be unstable, stuff may break. If you’re looking for adventure, please proceed.

Appliance Format Size
Docker (tag latest) docker 0.6 GB
Amazon AWS EC2 ec2 4.2 GB
Google Cloud Platform gce 1.4 GB
Microsoft Azure azure 4.2 GB
Microsoft SCVMM hyperv 4.2 GB
OpenStack openstack 1.6 GB
oVirt ovirt 1.6 GB
QEmu/KVM openstack 1.6 GB
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization ovirt 1.6 GB
VMware vSphere vsphere 1.5 GB

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